Vacation Blog: Hello/Goodbye Chicago

Even though yesterday focused only on Christopher and our time with him at his boot camp graduation, we’ve seen many other things while in Chi-Town. After Al Capone on Wednesday and with Zach arriving on Thursday, we were able to see some sites. We walked the Navy Pier, ate deep dish pizza at Geno’s East,Continue reading “Vacation Blog: Hello/Goodbye Chicago”

Vacation Blog: Lincoln, Christopher & Capone

Which one of those things just doesn’t belong here? What an amazing trip to the Lincoln Presidential Library . . . and on a day when the SCOTUS made a landmark ruling on equality. The video presentation was so technically brilliant. I couldn’t figure out how they accomplished it. Got to see Lincoln’s stovepipe hat,Continue reading “Vacation Blog: Lincoln, Christopher & Capone”

Vacation Blog: St. Louis Surprise

Because Rendevous BBQ in Memphis was going to be closed, we decided to forgo Memphis. Rhonda’s parents used to live there and we’ve done Elvis, The Peabody, and most everything else. Therefore, we headed straight up to St. Louis, MO. And, it’s hot — Houston hot. But, we got to the hotel and relaxed. WeContinue reading “Vacation Blog: St. Louis Surprise”