Vacation Blog: It all starts with a visit to the dentist

So, here’s how the beginning of vacation starts: while chewing on a Skittle, a crown on my tooth came off. Yep, a Skittle. This caused an impromptu visit with my best friend dentist — Dr. Brian Barry — who took care of my dental problem. I’ll reciprocate . . . should you ever have anContinue reading “Vacation Blog: It all starts with a visit to the dentist”

Blog: Dirty Prayer Hands With a Tasty Beverage

Bill is here each week, greeting children and adults who happen to walk in on Monday mornings. On Tuesday, Dave sits out in the church Narthex and greets all of the children with a smile and a puppet. Kay answers phones in the church office on Monday afternoons and while accomplishing her task — disassembling the worship flowersContinue reading “Blog: Dirty Prayer Hands With a Tasty Beverage”