KUMC Chancel Choir: Announcing Fall Major Work

As we are on a break for the summer, I wanted to let you know that your music staff isn’t resting. We are busy preparing for what will be an extraordinary Fall season of choral music at Kingwood United Methodist Church. I have many things in mind for the coming year. I can’t wait toContinue reading “KUMC Chancel Choir: Announcing Fall Major Work”

Ties That Bind: A Service of Prayer

For those that have arrived recently to United Methodism, the current state of conflict in the United Methodist Church may only be of peripheral concern. I can certainly understand that. Much like our federal government, what we see before us in social media and television can be uncomfortable and painful. It can seem to takeContinue reading “Ties That Bind: A Service of Prayer”

Choir Retreat: Tumekuja Kuimba (We Have Come to Sing)

Tumekuja Kuimba One of the joys of living in Houston is our diverse community. Within five minutes of my house I can dine on any cuisine I wish. My neighborhood is a tapestry of peoples from many corners of the world. It’s truly wonderful. Our Sunday worship services are just as diverse. Singing the songs ofContinue reading “Choir Retreat: Tumekuja Kuimba (We Have Come to Sing)”