Here is today’s dislike list:

1) copiers and folding machines

2) slow upload and download speeds

3) lack of brave, thoughtful and prayerful consideration from admin at Penn State University

4) newspersons who think I care what day Mitt Romney left Bain Capital

5) those who have a lack of respect for the office of President (whether it’s President Bush or President Obama)

6) cities declaring bankruptcy

7) mosquitoes

8) cars not parked between the lines

9) treadmill

10) humidity

Planning and Preparing

Summer is the time when most of us music and worship types begin to plan for the up and coming year. It’s a crazy time, where we scour the internet, listen to CDs, and pour over the latest things to come out for choirs. Some years, it’s better than others. This year, it seems, quality new material is quite hard to come by.

Why is that? Most publishing houses struggle each year to find the best material to put out. I’ve talked with composer friends of mine and they speak of how hard it is to get published in the first place. Companies struggle to find the right mix of things to published from their stockpile of composers. It’s hard, I know.

I sympathize but so many good writers have now skipped the mainstream publishers in favor of self-publishing. This may be the future of where publishing companies “link up” with composers online material and help them get their word out. Composers and publishing companies that just as the book industry has been changed by the e-raeader, the iPad (and others like it) will change how music is delivered and used. I, for one, often look for things that I can get immediately through a digital download. Sometimes, I need something too quickly to wait for the UPS man to show up.

But, this is the time of year when I don’t need that. It’s a time to prayerfully play, struggle with good and bad music, pour over plans, and get ready for a great time in ministry. I just wish it was easier to find “the good stuff.”Image



This weekend is more than simply a time to gather with family . . . it is a time in which we pause with those we love and offer thanks to God for the people that gave the last full measure of devotion. We are able to worship the God we wish, live as we like, work where we want, vote for our leaders, disagree on politics and policies, and educate ourselves on our own terms because someone stood in harm’s way for you and for me. We should never forget this. Don’t let this day end and not have offered a prayer for those families that didn’t grow up with a father or mother because of this sacrificial act. Better yet, attend your church this morning and do so. AND, thank a soldier or family of a soldier who continue to serve in our name. We may all have different opinions about the wars we broker but we should never waver in our support of our military personnel and their loved ones.

Showing Up So God Can Show Off

This past weekend, Reggie McNeal was the guest lecturer and preacher at FUMCMC. He gave us several important things to think about, as we listened to his speaking, teaching, and preaching. Perhaps the one that struck a chord with our leadership was the quote “show up so God can who off.” This is a simple statement to help us offering a blessing to those around us. If we never offer to pray for someone or offer a kind word to someone, or even a word of God-encouragement, then the kingdom goes no further due to our inaction.

So, will you show up so God can show off?

Creative Station

Creative Station

My creative place at FUMC on 5-17-2012.

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