Planning Center: A Modern Tool for Ministry

It used to happen regularly. I would schedule a massively large anthem. Rehearsals would commence and we would be making excellent headway. A couple of weeks prior to the presentation in worship, I would check the handwritten calendar on the table and see that several of my top singers had signed out. Now, I haveContinue reading “Planning Center: A Modern Tool for Ministry”

A Prayer for Saturday

I follow a lot of people on Twitter. Many of those I follow give me strength for the day. Many point me in the direction of the Holy. One of the blogs I enjoy via Twitter is┬áThe Liturgy Nerd – The Methoblog.┬áToday, I was struck by a wonderful prayer that was included in a tweet.Continue reading “A Prayer for Saturday”

Seminary Had No Way of Knowing . . .

As a trained musician, I have honed my musical craft over a long time. Many years have gone into planning worship, learning how to conduct a choir, educating myself on the latest vocal techniques, and developing plans to inspire greater musical art for the Holy. Many thousands of dollars have gone into educating and trainingContinue reading “Seminary Had No Way of Knowing . . .”