Film — Lincoln: The Power of Truth and the Teachable, Good Story

I feel blessed that I’ve had the good fortune of recently seeing films that I believe will be nomination for an Oscar. To date, I can suggest that Argo and Flight will be on that list — and maybe Skyfall, Dark Night, and Avengers, too. After yesterday, I will add Lincoln to that list ofContinue reading “Film — Lincoln: The Power of Truth and the Teachable, Good Story”

Icon, Nostalgia, James Bond and Worship Music

There is a moment in the new James Bond film that just takes your breath away. It doesn’t have to do with stunning scenery, great action or attractive, sexy people. No, rather, it has to do with the most iconic of automobiles — the famous Astin Martin DB5. Hard to imagine that a car thatContinue reading “Icon, Nostalgia, James Bond and Worship Music”

Veterans Day Approaches

Last night, I sat and watched election coverage. It is truly an amazing thing to live in a country where the passing of power is a peaceable event. Although there may be wailing and gnashing of teeth, no army will be called in to hold onto power. Although we still may be a country dividedContinue reading “Veterans Day Approaches”

Historical or Impactful: Election Eve Thoughts

As I sit at home watching Monday Night Football, I’m not only enjoying watching my favorite sport, I’m purposely staying away from the news shows. I’d like to enjoy one night of peace prior to an election. Because, no matter what happens in the election tomorrow, one side will see it as a victory overContinue reading “Historical or Impactful: Election Eve Thoughts”

Help Them To Care, Connect & Be Loved

It’s an illusion to think that anyone has it all together. No one does. Yet, all of us seek to find out what makes the successful people or programs exactly that — successful. We hope to find a one strategy, plan or program that we can take and imitate in our own work areas orContinue reading “Help Them To Care, Connect & Be Loved”