The Holy Hardware Closet

We have many wonderful things at the church. Certainly, the people we work with are outstanding. The staff work hard to foster ministry opportunities for the congregation and community. We have facilities that allow us to be a gathering place for the community.

Nothing, however, is as fully stocked as the Holy Hardware Closet.

The Holy Hardware Closet

Several years ago, a group of congregation members began to create unique altar designs. Melissa Burnham and Barbara Robberson fostered a creative spirit among these persons and slowly they gathered things like cloth, baskets, crosses, coins, rocks, bricks and more. These elements are used to create altarscapes that foster a unique connection with the holy.

Now, these altars are used in our contemporary and traditional worship services. It gives an amazing connection with the Holy.

Here are a few samples . . .

Holy Communion in the Sanctuary.
Pentecost in the Sanctuary
September 11, 2011 in the Sanctuary.

At first, the use of these creative altars was met with some resistance. Now, it’s one of the ways that many people are aided in worship. We do have the basic gold candlesticks and altar adornments that other United Methodists churches have, and they make a regular appearance. But these examples of altar art provide a great sample of worship art for those who want to offer in a different way to God.

How will God visually impact you in worship this week?

(Note: These happen to be from worship in the Sanctuary. Next week, I’ll blog about some photos from Open Skies, our creative worship experience.)

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Creative Arts developer, planner, husband, and father. I direct choirs, make graphic art, and film, photograph and work daily to foster an experience with the Holy.

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