We each have important things that underpin who we are. Hopefully, those structures have been poured, erected, and maintained with experience, scripture, tradition and reason. We depend on good underpinnings to hold us steady in times of stress and strain.

It isn’t about only survival in hard times either. Strong underpinnings also allow us to manage simple day-to-day activities, too — full of grace and hope.

But, during a catastrophe, strong underpinnings make the difference.

Christ underpinned his life with a clear understanding of scripture, meaningful prayer life, grace extended to all, friends, bold leadership, consistent redirection of human happenings he saw unholy, and most of all — the love, trust and respect of his God (Father.) These are things that we all should seek to mirror.

This year, I have connected with a number of family members and friends who have struggled with events and happenings that shook their foundations. Even though some of the structures in their lives crumbled, they began to rebuild with determination, faith, and hope. Some are still being reconstructed. Others haven’t stopped staring at the collapse. But, all maintained strong underpinnings — strong faith, friends, family. I’m watching and praying for them.

I have seen them mirror many aspects of Christ. They have prayed, read scripture, offered grace, connected with friends and redirected their own and other’s human frailties. Love, trust and respect of God have and will underpin their recovery. It’s been scary and awesome to watch. But without good underpinnings, it would have been catastrophic.

Don’t get me wrong — they weren’t saints. I’ve witnessed tears and anger. Still, they have picked up the tools and quietly began to rebuild.

What are your underpinnings? How have they helped you?

– Matthew Robinson

Published by Matt

Creative Arts developer, planner, husband, and father. I direct choirs, make graphic art, and film, photograph and work daily to foster an experience with the Holy.

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