Equal time for the cat


One would think that with my recent posts that I am a dog person. I’ve posted photos and logged many miles walking Hank and Chopper. While it is true that I do own have two dogs, cats reside at my residence — and they are pretty great.


One doesn’t own a cat. A cat owns you. Our cats mostly reside outside. They are independent, yes, but are warm and friendly and they help calm our home.

The cats love the summer. They have a very thick coat of fur and heat appeals to them. If given the choice, they’d be outside in the summer. When it is 100 degrees, Autumn can be seen under the car just enjoying the warmth. Chloe loves to lurk in the neighbors bushes and she comes inside on occasion. She loves Christopher’s room and finds great joy sleeping on the bed with him. But, the minute it turns cold, they come scampering inside. One little temperature change and they want IN!

How do you handle a change in your life? Do you hold on to something comfortable — and then scamper around when things change? Do yo prepare yourself for change?

Step in and embrace a change in your life. Move comfortably and confidently forward into discomfort. You will find that problems get solved quicker and that you become very comfortable with your changed scenario.

So, on my Friday Sabbath, preparing myself for this weekend of worshipping the Holy, I’m giving equal time to the cats. Change in the weather will come soon and they will be happy. No, actually, they will be indifferent. Such is the way of the cat.

Published by Matt

Creative Arts developer, planner, husband, and father. I direct choirs, make graphic art, and film, photograph and work daily to foster an experience with the Holy.

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