A Day of Almost No Social Media

By the time you read this, It will probably be Tuesday . . . and I was quiet all day on Monday.

You see, I have been a regular contributor on Facebook for several years now. I have been tweeting for a bit over a year, too. I ramped up blogging in the last month – writing at least one blog per day and sometimes more. It’s been a big commitment to social media. Of course, this in addition being a husband, dad, and leading a full time music and fine arts ministry.

So, on Monday, I took a break. No blog, no tweets, only two church-related posts on Facebook for the whole day. Other than that, nothing.

Why, then, go silent? It’s simple . . . I wanted to . . . and I needed to.

I do all of those things with social media in hopes of telling the story of the music and fine arts ministry of FUMC and of my own walk with the Holy. To consistently do that, I will need to break and pay attention to some essential people and things that don’t have my full attention.

The weekend had been busy — worked on video on Saturday for Sunday worship; concert series kickoff on Sunday afternoon; filmed youth on Sunday evening at their fun Olympic Mess Event. No Sabbath.

The coming week, too,will probably be without a sabbath day – choir retreat, Chapel Singers startup, worship planning.

Therefore, some time off on Monday. Hence, the social media break.

Mostly, I spent time with son no. 2 and with my wife, work on a project for our family talking, catching up, and helping Zach to locate a new job. But, I also took time later in the day to run a church errand, to do some church work from home, and complete a few church tasks I had set aside for a later day.

Today was that later day . . . not a complete sabbath, though.

Back at it soon . . . I promise.

– Matthew Robinson


Published by Matt

Creative Arts developer, planner, husband, and father. I direct choirs, make graphic art, and film, photograph and work daily to foster an experience with the Holy.

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