This Morning: Scenes from the Choir Retreat

Choir Retreat: SaturdaySing! 2012 has come and gone. First, the thank you’s:

  • Thanks to the choir members who made it and rehearsed the music this morning.
  • Thanks for patience as we worked hard on the Mozart Te Deum and the Bob Chilcott On Christmas Night.
  • Thanks to organist Melissa Burnham for playing.
  • Thanks to David Lee and Pamela Connolly for assisting with sectionals.

Here are a few scenes from this morning:

Instagram photo of the breakfast Rhonda made — homemade coffee cake,, fresh fruit, and Gevalia Coffee. Yes, we eat well in our choir.
Barry Ward is chilled to the bone by the moving music.


Singers go over the music, preparing for the Mozart and for Christmas.
Kathy Barr sings to the glory of God.
Melissa Burnham plays and Pam Connolly turns pages.
One of the singers uses her iPad to learn the music.
Altos Kathy Barr, Debbie Hartgraves, Jeanette Zey, Melissa Bailey, and Soprano Kay Tunnell.
Yes, that’s me, leading the Choir on the Chilcott.
Sopranos and Basses sing Mozart.
Jalyn Dimmitt, Rhonda Robinson, and Sue Boyle.
Erin Ring.
Marilyn Covington.
Jeanette Zey.
Luke Jackson and Bruce Boyle.
Jeanette Zey, Erin Ring and Melissa Bailey rehearse the Mozart.













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