Unexpected Joy

I live in the greater Houston area. Let’s just say that it is hot for a good portion of the year. From about the middle of May through September, the humidity is very high and the temperature stays in the 90+ range. Having lived in different places with high humidity, nothing is like Houston. It’s hot. Really hot. It’s a trade off — heat and humidity for the proximity of the beach. Galveston is but a short drive away and it’s a great place to spend time.

So, when the first Fall cool front hits, it’s truly something to behold.

I took the dogs out for their morning walk — 40 minutes of moving. They were giddy today — not just because they like the walk but the temperature change sparks something deep in side them . . . and me, too. The crisp coolness of the morning adds a spring in my step, as well.

Are there times when a simple change in atmosphere changes your perspective on a matter you’ve struggled with? Like my walk with the dogs, just a brief moment of fresh thought, cooler heads, and chilled emotions can change your feeling about your problem.

Perhaps another way to consider this: On Sunday, I heard a moving story from a choir member I’ve known for ten years. Her story is amazing — and certainly new to me. She was speaking on behalf of our annual stewardship campaign. She completely surprised most of us with her personal story of transformation from a struggling single mom to corporate success story. It was a powerful witness that helped single moms — especially to hear how she responded in praise. Her poignant words gave me new perspective on giving.

I’ve uploaded the story to this blog. Take four minutes and listen.

Jeanette Testimony

Get a fresh perspective. Take a moment. It will change you forever.

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Creative Arts developer, planner, husband, and father. I direct choirs, make graphic art, and film, photograph and work daily to foster an experience with the Holy.

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