Prayer: Love in Action




Mud Cross 2

Love in Action

Your love, O God,

is an active love:

engaged, . . . . involved . . . . immersed.

Your love, O God,
is seen in what you do, not just in what you say:
in the blessing of children,
in the meals with outcasts,
in the touching of the untouchable,
in your presence,
and your self-giving,
in your opening of the way to life
to all who will come;
And your love, O God,
is expressed through people like us:
as we share our wealth in simplicity and generosity;
as we share wholeness in care and healing
of the sick and broken;
as we share hospitality by being truly present
to the lonely, the imprisoned and the marginalised;
as we share peace in kindness, listening and acceptance
with those who challenge us, confront us and threaten us.
As you have loved us in incarnate action, O God,
may we learn to be little incarnations
through whom your love is expressed and experienced
in action.
— Written by John van de Laar, and posted on his website, 

Published by Matt

Creative Arts developer, planner, husband, and father. I direct choirs, make graphic art, and film, photograph and work daily to foster an experience with the Holy.

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