The Glorification of the Busy

A friend posted on Facebook yesterday at great phrase that has stayed with me . . . Stop the glorification of the busy. That one smacked me pretty hard. How does one not talk about the chaos and busy-ness of one’s life? Aren’t our lives nothing but a series of tasks? Don’t we consider ourselves successful at the end of the day if we have crossed off MOST of the things on the checklist for that day? Am I successful with glorifying my busy-ness . . . my hectic-ness?
Screenshot of today’s projects and plans.
My workplace, where chaos is created and God uses my hands and feet.
My workplace, where chaos is created and God uses my hands and feet.

I spent time at the end of choir rehearsal last night reminding the choir that this time of year (mid-February to mid-April) is when corporations and companies really push their people hard. The church ramps everything up, too. It’s much like November and December, where you start to feel the pressure of work, church and home. I took a moment to offer them some heartfelt encouragement. To calm them and let them know that they are truly appreciated and that we area all pushing ourselves very hard. But, at the end of the day, whether we are talking about ministry in the workplace or standing in the choir loft, they touch people’s lives.

Today, I think I should have added: and, that’s why God has us so busy . . . because we are VERY effective at being the hands and feet . . . and God knows it.

I’m going to pray about this tonight. You should, too. Pray that God uses your busy-ness not to glorify you or to see how many activities you can get done, but that quietly, in your chaos, God uses you to get God’s things done.

That’s glory in the busy.

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Creative Arts developer, planner, husband, and father. I direct choirs, make graphic art, and film, photograph and work daily to foster an experience with the Holy.

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