Vacation Blog: St. Louis Surprise

Because Rendevous BBQ in Memphis was going to be closed, we decided to forgo Memphis. Rhonda’s parents used to live there and we’ve done Elvis, The Peabody, and most everything else.

Therefore, we headed straight up to St. Louis, MO. And, it’s hot — Houston hot. But, we got to the hotel and relaxed. We decided to find a local restaurant. We found HOME, a local eatery here that was judges best in STL in 2012. The owner/chef was trained in Houston at the Art Institute of Houston. (exciting for us since we live in H-Town) After leaving a phone message for a reservation, Josh, the owner and general manager called me back. Unfortunately, they were booked for today. But, they opened a new restaurant in a hip, cool part if town. He offered to set us up there for dinner.

Table was AMAZING. Such great fare . . . served in small portions so you order and try several things on their menu. Rhonda had the best — Chicken Pouillard. I had the Cassoulet and it was very flavorful. Loved it. Get the Gruyere Cheese puffs — the best cheese/stick- thing you will ever eat for an appetizer. Very helpful waitstaff. Jill helped us get the perfect wine & beer for our meal. If you are ever in STL, go. Great place. Visit their FB page here.

Tonight = rest. Tomorrow segue tour downtown and the arch.



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