Vacation Blog: Lincoln, Christopher & Capone

Which one of those things just doesn’t belong here? What an amazing trip to the Lincoln Presidential Library . . . and on a day when the SCOTUS made a landmark ruling on equality. The video presentation was so technically brilliant. I couldn’t figure out how they accomplished it. Got to see Lincoln’s stovepipe hat, too. Made me think of President Obama’s library . . . bet they will have the first presidential Blackberry. Jokes aside, a very stirring visit.

In Chicago, we went to Tommy Gun’s Garage. It was dinner and a show in the style of a 1920’s speakeasy. The food was great and so was the entertainment. The actors served us a great meal. Then, they sang, danced, and had great fun at the expense of the audience members! Rhonda and I had a great time.

Finally, we heard from Christopher. He called us as we were getting near our hotel in Chicago. We spent a bit of time hearing about his adventure at boot camp. Like before, he sounded great. He’s looking forward to spending some time with us on Friday following graduation. He asked for pizza and a movie. The day is his . . . he’s earned it.

Tomorrow: Zach flies in and we head back to downtown for a fun time.




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