Stop: You Are The One Who Can Help Me

As we are down a couple a staff members, I’m one of several who have picked up some extra responsibilities. I’ve been putting in extra time helping out. This is a temporary situation, but it has put me behind on some things I really must get done in my ministry areas.

So, I had it all planned. I was headed into my office at the church. I was going to get caught up on many things at the office. Yep, that was MY plan.

Stop, not so fast.

Got a call of a relative who needed help. Crisis time. Nothing really bad but certainly a crisis for them.

She said, “You were the first person I thought of. I really don’t know what else to do. I don’t know where to start. Can you help me?”

Great compliment, really . . . the skills, interests and talents that God gifted me could be the cause of relief in a crisis.

So, I stopped.

Yes, I’m still behind. Yes, I’ll be behind tomorrow. But, it will all get done. And, it felt good to stop — and to be able to render aid.

And so I pray — thank you God for helping me to stop. It was a moment of praise to you that someone thought of my skills could intervene in their crisis.

What if you were asked to stop?


One thought on “Stop: You Are The One Who Can Help Me

  1. Powerful message. I look forward to stopping when the situation arises in which I can use my skills to help someone in need of them. 🙂

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