Choir Retreat: July 2018


In the past, summer has been a time to relax. Schedules would unpack a bit, vacations would be the focus of our time and moods would lighten. Even though many of us don’t have children in school anymore, our lives still have a natural rhythm, meaning summers would be time of recovery for the soul. They rhythm would be slow and comfortable.

This year . . . not so much. With FBISD changing their start time, everything seems to have compacted. Members had to scramble to get in events before the fall chaos arrived in their daily planners.  Life-happenings also played a role for many of us, including a funeral service for our dear friend Jim Pirtle.

When  I planned the choir retreat back in December, I envisioned a slower-paced summer in which we could gather and sing music in preparation for the upcoming fall and Christmas worship schedules.

In any event, the Chancel Choir will still be meeting this coming Saturday, July 21 from 8:00 AM – 10:30 PM. I will be limiting the scope of music we will cover to some of the John Rutter REQUIEM and various Fall anthems. Those will come into play in worship sooner than the Christmas pieces. However, Christmas music will be shared, albeit in a much more abbreviated fashion.

Make plans to attend the retreat . . . and plan to enter through the Groom’s Room entrance/Music Reception Area.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Anthem-Square-2018Let Music Fill Your Soul

We have several new anthems that will be a part of our choir retreat this coming Sunday. Click the link and check out this selection from Jacob Narverud called Let Music Fill Your Soul!


Anthem-2-2018 copy

I Need Thee Every Hour

Familiar hymns of the church are a staple of our anthem selections for the choir. Check out this arrangement of a very familiar hymn by Paul Bussellberg, I Need Thee Every Hour.

Anthem-3-2018 copyRemembering Decembers

Some amazing music comes from film composers. Composing under the pseudonym Pinkzebra, the composer gives a haunting recollection of Christmas past. Click here to listen.



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