Learning to sing harmony

I’ve been asked many times to teach a person to sing harmony. Actually, I think you have to teach someone to hear and create harmony. Singing a counter line to a solo line isn’t really harmony in rock and roll (i.e.a canon such as Row, Row, Row Your Boat.) Harmony stacks up vertically — usuallyContinue reading “Learning to sing harmony”

Soundtrack: Your life is as vivid as a Stephen Spielberg film

Your life is as vivid as a Stephen Spielberg film. It’s high drama. It’s comedy. It’s tragedy. It’s better than any Academy Award winning film. Unless you are of a privileged few, Hollywood won’t be inviting you to any red carpet events. Your film is a fairly private showing. But, you’ve got a great screenwriterContinue reading “Soundtrack: Your life is as vivid as a Stephen Spielberg film”

Latest Blog: When All Comes to a Halt

Once a year, I’m a selfish man. During this time, I refuse all requests and offers — even the reasonable ones. I have ritual. I make plans. I prepare to break bread. I reflect. I’m overcome with emotion at times. I enter into great debate. And, yes, I pray, too. Is this worship I speakContinue reading “Latest Blog: When All Comes to a Halt”