Planning Center: A Modern Tool for Ministry

It used to happen regularly. I would schedule a massively large anthem. Rehearsals would commence and we would be making excellent headway. A couple of weeks prior to the presentation in worship, I would check the handwritten calendar on the table and see that several of my top singers had signed out. Now, I haveContinue reading “Planning Center: A Modern Tool for Ministry”

The Art of the Worship Altar

(Note: This is a guest post by M’Liss Hepps, one of the lay worship design artists at First United Methodist Church, Missouri City, TX. M’Liss and her family attend the Open Skies worship service at FUMCMC, which is held in our Fellowship Hall at 8:30 am. I asked her to write about her process forContinue reading “The Art of the Worship Altar”

Rules . . . hmm?

This morning, I began my work day by helping with a group of educators assembling at our church. What a great group of ladies who know that their calling is to teach our youngest of children! 300+ very bright, cheerful people in a room, growing in knowledge by completing continuing education credit. They will hearContinue reading “Rules . . . hmm?”

A Prayer for Saturday

I follow a lot of people on Twitter. Many of those I follow give me strength for the day. Many point me in the direction of the Holy. One of the blogs I enjoy via Twitter is The Liturgy Nerd – The Methoblog. Today, I was struck by a wonderful prayer that was included in a tweet.Continue reading “A Prayer for Saturday”