Historical or Impactful: Election Eve Thoughts

As I sit at home watching Monday Night Football, I’m not only enjoying watching my favorite sport, I’m purposely staying away from the news shows. I’d like to enjoy one night of peace prior to an election. Because, no matter what happens in the election tomorrow, one side will see it as a victory over tyranny and the other will be shoved into exile, left only to reexamine and reinvent itself.

I am very tired of the current election climate. I’ve seen some dreadfully awful things from my Christian friends on both sides of the aisle. Like I heard Adam Hamilton say, “I believe both men honestly want to work hard to make the country better.” I think that’s exactly true. Neither one’s near the liar the other side says and no one owns the truth — both sides have offered misleading ads. And, if we wonder where the “good candidates” are, we need only look at how the candidates lives have been scrutinized and examined. What person in their right mind would want to try to do the job? Politics isn’t for the faint of heart . . . and neither is watching it on TV.

Oh well, I digress.

No need to watch the pundits on tv tonight. And, all in our family early voted. With that being said, I feel some need to reflect on where I think we stand historically.

Almost four years ago, I sat with others on staff at the church and watched our nation inaugurate the first black president. A very significant moment in my lifetime, considering I was born in 1965. It was an amazing moment to watch. In that same decade, religion was a factor in the election of John F. Kennedy. Some thought that a person who was Roman Catholic would be beholden to the Vatican. Tomorrow, we may elect the first Mormon president. Equally significant moment. Some are even predicting an electoral college showdown throw-down in the house and senate. Come January, it could be an equally historic moment in my lifetime.

Think of where we might be four years after that. Will it have a significant impact on the current time?

The truth is, every moment can be a historical moment, and not just in regard to the most powerful office in the land. We can never take back the things that we did today. It’s in the history books. The day is done. Finis. So, what did I do to make it a good day. Did I make a difference somewhere for someone? Did I impact people? Was I the hands and feet of Christ? Did I use those hands to encourage and embrace or to chastise?

Today didn’t need to be particularly historical, just impactful.

Tried to make it that way. Accomplished some music tasks so that others could serve God. Always good to do that first. Encouraged some ministry team members who need encouraging. There are days when I’ve need that. Met with a veteran who has an amazing story to tell about sacrifice. Mindful of her words as I prepare for my son to enter the Navy. Met for the afternoon and counseled someone who has struggled with some large issues this year. Struggling in life is an area where I have intimate knowledge and life experience.

Tomorrow, I’ll get the popcorn and watch history develop before my eyes . . . and see which side is seen as a victory over tyranny and which side will be shoved into exile, left only to reexamine and reinvent itself. I’ll see the history develop before my eyes.

Ok, so it’s not a presidential life. But, I pray it’s impactful.

Published by Matt

Creative Arts developer, planner, husband, and father. I direct choirs, make graphic art, and film, photograph and work daily to foster an experience with the Holy.

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