Empty Inbox: Yes, I Did This Today

I’m not the most organized guy. But, I make things work, as best I can. Since I own an iPad, I’m embracing the tablet lifestyle. To accomplish this, I’m cleaning out and clearing out. Confession: I hold onto email way too long. It stays in my inbox. It’s all there — undeleted junk, reminders ofContinue reading “Empty Inbox: Yes, I Did This Today”

Listening to the Valid: Chief Justice of the United States

Last Wednesday, I was able to sit and listen to the Chief Justice of the United States, John Roberts. He spoke on several topics, most of which had to do with his philosophy of leading the court, advice to aspiring students and the process of congressional confirmation of a justice. There were many moments ofContinue reading “Listening to the Valid: Chief Justice of the United States”

My Confession: The Times I Have To Roll With It

I admit it. I like things to always go my way. I plan, work, and develop successful strategies. I try to modify based on input and assistance from those around me. But, I don’t care to be autocratic. Rather, I enjoy the exchange of ideas that foster the greatest chance of success. So, even thoughContinue reading “My Confession: The Times I Have To Roll With It”

The End of The Day Sets Up The Next

Staying organized is a constant battle for me. I have to work at it all of the time. Here is one way that I do to help me stay together and informed. 1) At the end of the day, I do what’s called in the book Getting Things Done as a mind dump. I sitContinue reading “The End of The Day Sets Up The Next”

Planning Center: A Modern Tool for Ministry

It used to happen regularly. I would schedule a massively large anthem. Rehearsals would commence and we would be making excellent headway. A couple of weeks prior to the presentation in worship, I would check the handwritten calendar on the table and see that several of my top singers had signed out. Now, I haveContinue reading “Planning Center: A Modern Tool for Ministry”