Empty Inbox: Yes, I Did This Today

I’m not the most organized guy. But, I make things work, as best I can. Since I own an iPad, I’m embracing the tablet lifestyle. To accomplish this, I’m cleaning out and clearing out.

Confession: I hold onto email way too long. It stays in my inbox. It’s all there — undeleted junk, reminders of the things I need to get to, proof of my successes and failures, long ago artwork and files. it’s really a mess.

I spent about an hour going through my inbox tonight. This was after about an hour earlier in the day. I need to move forward with this so I’m going to chronicle my work to get out of the paper world as much as I can via my blog.

And so, it starts with an empty inbox.

Feels great . . . an accomplishment where I can actually see results. It’s not everyday that happens.

Tomorrow, I’ll organize the folders on iCloud and then Dropbox. Once it’s done, I’ll document my workflow on the blog.


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